"Damien is one of those people that changes your life just by being in his presence."  

     Dr Darren Weissman, Creator of The Lifeline Technique




 About Damien Meldrum – The Emotions Guy

Working as a Registered Nurse for 15 years, Damien began to notice a pattern in human dis-ease:  people’s emotions played a huge role in their overall wellness.  Determined to delve further into understanding the root causes of physical imbalances, he began to travel extensively.  Studying in India, Nepal, Indonesia, South America, Thailand and the United States, Damien left no stone unturned in his search for the key to wellness.

The turning point came when he met Chicago Chiropractor, Dr Darren Weissman (creator of The LifeLine Technique). Finally convinced he had found the transformational tool he had been searching for, Damien studied with Dr Weissman, became a master of this technique, and has now helped people all over the world achieve remarkable results in their wellbeing and happiness. 

N.B: This technique is in no way related to the field of Nursing.  Anyone seeking treatment for physical or mental illness should seek a Medical review for appropriate treatment.  This technique is designed to strengthen emotional awareness and assist in improving quality of life.  No claims in regards to treating illness or disease are intended whatsoever.  This technique is designed to improve wellness, not to treat illness.