Damien Meldrum aka “The Emotions Guy” is an e-motion coach. His passion and expertise is helping people to live the life that their heart desires.

When we become still…

We feel.

When we feel…

We become aware.

When we become aware…

We have choice.

When we have choice…

We feel empowered.

When we feel empowered…

We create.

When we create…

We are aligned with our true nature.

When we are aligned with our true nature…

We thrive.

(Written by Damien Meldrum Thursday 4th December, 2014)

Raising Vibration

Does your body speak to you with physical symptoms?

Do you have difficulty communicating your hearts desires to those close to you?

Is it hard to imagine a life where you ask for exactly what YOU want?

Why are we filled with fears, insecurities and self doubt?

The answer to all of these questions is the same. It’s because of our programming.
Our programmed mind, or the subconscious mind; is filled with belief patterns that we have learned on the journey of life.

Parents, well meaning friends, teachers and media have all influenced our belief patterns enormously. But not everything we have been taught is true. The question is: What is true for YOU?

It is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind. It takes practice but it can be done with ease, grace and joy. Living a life of intention is the answer to reclaiming your passion for life. Learning to work with the subconscious mind is the pathway to a miraculous life.

Science is beginning to understand that low level underlying stress is the root cause of most dis-ease. This undercurrent of worry and anxiety stems from our belief patterns. These beliefs can be retrained.

In energy medicine we call this ‘raising your vibration.’ By retraining old belief patterns you liberate yourself from ‘mind created’ stress. You become more present in each moment and focussed on what you choose rather than what you fear.

Letting go of patterns that no longer serve you creates a lightness of being that is palpable. Everyone who meets you will feel this calmness. Situations, people and possibilities will unfold much more freely and easily. You will literally radiate lightness and attract more of it into your life.

Raising your vibration will help you in every way. It is the single greatest answer to creating the life of your desires. Ask yourself: What am I ready to let go of in my life? And what am I ready to create?

Begin to notice the patterns that are holding you back. Make a commitment to gently letting go of them. Life is a journey, make it a beautiful one.

Infinite Love and Gratitude.

Conversation… not destination


Damien Meldrum reconnects people with the truth of who they really are. He works out of Kirra Chiropractic Clinic, Gold Coast, Australia.

Life is an ongoing conversation. All destinations are temporary.

Focus on the conversation that life is having with you. Notice how you respond to the conversation. This is where all of your power resides… your ability to respond to the conversation of life.

Being in the present moment means that you are in direct contact with the dialogue of life. Most of us are very rarely in the present moment. We are nearly always holding on to stories from our past or worrying about our future. We miss the present… we miss the gift of life.

Creating the life of your dreams has very little to do with a destination. ‘Getting some where’ is missing the point completely. If you focus on getting somewhere you will miss the conversation that life is having with you.

Learning the art of conversation begins with stillness.

Stop what you are doing right now… and become still.

Now you are ready to listen to the conversation that life is having with you.

Resist the temptation to fill this stillness with ideas and thoughts… just listen to life going on all around you. Engage your senses, breathe in deeply, look, listen and feel.
Listen to the workings of your body, feel the pulse of life move through you… do nothing but listen.

The point of stillness is to begin feeling. This is different to thinking. Feeling is the ‘present.’ The gift of life. Feeling, e-motion, energy in motion IS life. It is life moving through you, speaking with you, it is the conversation. Listen to it.

How does this moment feel to you? How does life feel for you? How does your daily routine feel for you? How do your relationships feel? How do your friendships feel? How would you ultimately choose to feel…. if you were the creator of your own destiny?

If there is a gap between how life does feel… and how you would ultimately choose life to feel…. welcome to life. Embrace this gap and say thank you. This gap… is a necessary stimulus for growth. Growth Action Potential. Without space to grow, no thing can grow. This gap is space for your response to the conversation of life.

Speak to it. How do you choose to feel? What feelings are you willing to grow in your life? What feelings are you willing to share with the world? What feelings are you dedicated to? How will you respond to this conversation of life?

The feelings that you choose through your thoughts, words and actions are your gift to life. They will go into the melting pot of the future of universal reality. Your every thought, word and action matter. You are connected to all of life.

I choose to listen to life.

I choose to embrace my connection with all of life.

I choose to feel anger and sadness when they speak to me… and then thank them.

I choose to really listen to all emotions when they speak to me, as a matter of priority.

Then I will choose my response.

Today… I choose gratitude for the conversation of life… and all the wonderful destinations.

Beautiful beautiful ANGER.


Damien Meldrum reconnects people with the truth of who they really are. He works from an office at Kirra Chiropractic Clinic, Gold Coast, Australia.

Anger is a powerful emotion. But not in the way the current world perceives anger. Pure anger is a clean emotion. I am not scared of how it will cause me to act. I am not ashamed of it, nor do I feel guilt about it. When this pure anger is expressed, people do not react to it negatively. They receive it and perceive it as ‘Love in an unusual form.’

Pure anger is an energy that says ‘this is the line… the line that I am consciously choosing to draw. If you cross this line I will summon the powers of God and Goddess within me and all around me to stop you in your tracks. I will raise a storm from the four corners of the earth and hold you paralysed in the middle. You will not be left harmed or injured, but you will be forever changed.

To put this into play in your life, follow these simple steps:

1) Connect to what’s pissing you off. Easy huh?

2) Connect to the people/situation… ask yourself…
What is that is pissing you off?

3) Feel the emotion of anger. Where in your body do you feel it?
Is there tension in the shoulders/neck, swirling in the stomach, pain in the lower
back. Whatever/wherever you feel your body ‘speaking’… just observe it.

4) Now thank your body for speaking to you.
We have been trained to ignore tension or to wish it away…
Try the exact opposite.
Say thank you and generate a feeling of deep gratitude for the conversation…
for the advice that your body is giving you.

It is your best friend. it is letting you know that a line has been crossed in your
personal boundaries. Anger is a natural result. Thank the e-motion.

5) Allow the anger to flow through your body. Practice seeing your thoughts and listening to your inner voice while you do this. (You know that internal self talk that says… “I’m gonna get them back for this” or “I am so f… angry at him/her”…

Allow this voice and these thoughts to be.

Even imagine expressing your anger… outrageously and irrationally at the people involved in the situation. Keep doing this until you feel the energy of anger begin to flow through your body. It will rise up and eventually escape out of your head or fingertips.

This practice allows energy to move through you without creating conflict… because.. I reiterate… THIS IS DONE IN YOUR IMAGINATION…. to allow energy to flow.

6) Now that anger has begun to flow and move through you, it will feel much lighter and freer in your body. This is the time to create an intention for how you choose to feel about the situation. Choose feelings of balance, fairness, peace and lightness.

7) Create an intention beginning with the words ‘I am.’
e.g I am peaceful and calm feeling empowered.
… or I am owning my power while feeling calm.

8) Connect to the person or situation that is resulting in you feeling anger.
State your intention over and over again in front of the mirror.
Begin to imagine yourself dealing with the situation in a calm yet empowered way.

9) Creating the feeling of achieving this now becomes your absolute top priority.
Relinquish all attachment to the outcome of the situation.
The more you can do this… the greater your results will be.
Your feeling will change the entire reality of the situation.

10) Practice feeling angry now…. with clean anger.  Keep practicing until it feels clean.  (You can trust this anger to stay stable) Looking at the same situation, stating your case clearly and powerfully (without feeling scared of your anger, without shrinking back into yourself.)

11) ACTION TIME: Match all of your thoughts, words and actions with this feeling of calm, balance and peace as your NUMBER ONE priority. That is, to choose the feeling ABOVE choosing to be right. Stick with it… it’s worth it… I PROMISE.

12) Email me with your amazing results.

Infinite Love and gratitude,


Damn that hurts.


Damien Meldrum practices an emotional healing technique called “The Lifeline Technique”  at Kirra Chiropractic Clinic, Gold Coast, Australia.  07 5599 4155 for more information about sessions with Damien.

This week I have experienced incredible highs and scarily devastating lows.
I have felt the immense power that exists within me (within all of us) and I have had my deepest flaws nakedly exposed in front of those who mean the most to me.

To put it in perspective I would rate it as the most intense week of my life. (And I’ve lived a very full life)

Since choosing to abandon a ‘safe’ way of life where I earned money by following the regulations of a Government run ‘health’ industry, I have been on an epic journey of self discovery. In less than one year I have created an existence where I am not only surviving, but I am thriving. I have always assumed that it is my will power, determination and focus that has got me there.

But they are only one half of the ingredients.

Last friday night my entire reality was shaken up…

After an incredible week of hanging out with my mentor and learning more powerful techniques to add to my bow of self growth strategies, I was feeling on top of the world. Then something totally unexpected happened…

Everything fell out from underneath me… literally. I collapsed into overwhelming sadness. I lost faith in my ability to be… to be anything really. The world seemed to swirl into an unreal vortex of fear and doubt and I no longer knew what I believed.

I questioned who were really my friends and who really supported me. I looked into my eyes and felt a level of self doubt that I had never experienced before. I felt more lost and vulnerable than I knew was possible. The gap between this feeling and my usual self assuredness was too much to bear.

When I was young, my Mum used to have a poster on the wall called ‘footprints.’
It was a beautiful statement about being carried in times of need. I resist being carried as a general rule. (I like to think that I can handle anything… I mean anything)

But this week I have been humbled. Life showed me an intensity of feeling that I could not experience alone… I needed to be carried.

Sitting in a circle of friends, looking into the eyes of those who see me every day, being held in the arms of those who you so desperately want to impress… in your rawest vulnerability is scary. It has been the most humbling week of my life.

It is also one of the most beautiful.

I have learned this lesson before, but this week it is on an infinitely deeper level.

I do not need to be anything to be amazing. I do not need to handle everything to be in control. I do not have to know the answers to each moment. I don’t have to know the answers to anything. I don’t have to understand why people do things. I don’t have to understand why they don’t.

All I have to know is that we are here to hold each other. And when we do, we can be sure that we are always safe. When I am safe in my vulnerability, I allow others to be safe in theirs.

To my beautiful friends who know who they are. I am always here for you in any moment that you need me.

Infinite Love and gratitude,




Damien Meldrum is a Certified Practitioner in The Lifeline Technique (TM) Helping clients all around the world achieve positive change through working with their subconscious emotional patterns.

Every interaction in your life is an opportunity. Harmony with the moment or disharmony. Let’s look at disharmony first.

What is it that causes disharmony?

No-one ever chooses disharmony. Consciously, we all long to be at peace and accepting of each challenge that we encounter during the day. But often this is not what happens.

Often we find ourselves reacting to situations in a way that does not feel good. We react in ways that do not help the situation at all. This is disharmony. It is important to realise that these reactions are not caused by the moment at hand. These reactions stem from past moments. Patterns of behaviour that we have learned along the journey of development.

What can we do about these patterns?

We must harmonise with them. Becoming aware of the patterns that affect our behaviour is the first step. Observing them in our life is essential if we are to change them. Choosing to change them is the final step of creating lasting change in any behaviour patterns.

Practicing the art of observing your patterns is the key to growing and changing. It is also an essential part of living a healthy and fulfilled life. Being in harmony with life reduces stress and anxiety, allowing your body to function at its highest potential.

Every interaction in life is an opportunity to grow. Tune in to your feelings and become aware of when you are consciously choosing your responses. Whenever you feel yourself ‘reacting’ instead of ‘responding’ just take a minute to refocus and harmonise with the situation at hand.

Own your power


There is a power within each one of us.
This power is our fuel. It allows us to thrive.
Sometimes we feel low on energy, but the power is still there.
The power is always there. You just need to tune into it.


1) Connect to the challenges of your life and observe how they make you feel.

2) Ask yourself, “Would I ever choose to feel this way?”

3) Become crystal clear on how you do choose to feel.

4) Create this feeling using the power of your imagination.

5) Choose thoughts, words and actions that match this feeling.

6) Choose this feeling as a matter of priority in decision making.

7) Release the need to control any outcomes.

8) Send gratitude to everything you see, feel and hear.

9) Trust your instincts. You are powerful beyond measure.


Infinite Love and Gratitude,


2 ears, one mouth….


Do you know where I’m going with this?

It always amazes me how heavy a load we attempt to carry through life.
There are decisions to be made in every moment of life. When we try and carry them by ourself they can feel very heavy sometimes.

I am just learning about vulnerability. The art of saying “I need help.”

Today I was feeling very overwhelmed with a whole range of burdens that I was carrying. The conversation in my head was rational and logical, but it only had one point of view….. mine.

A little angel in the form of a friend came and spoke to me. She made everything seem light and achievable in the space of a few minutes. I was tempted to defend my point of view and talk about the reasons why things were so challenging, but then something happened….

I decided to just relax, close my mouth and listen.

Even when I ask for help, I am usually using my own thoughts to make the decision.
That’s not really listening.

So today I opened my ears, both of them…. and listened. The result?

Energised, re inspired and feeling loved. Totally worth it.

The Earth Pattern…


(Damien Meldrum is an Author, speaker and Emotional Kinesiologist and Coach. He is available for coaching via skype or live at his rooms in Kirra beach, Australia.)

This story is a summary of the general observations that I have observed after treating clients for the past three years as an Emotional Kinesiologist. It is also the pattern of our society as a whole. When enough individuals change this pattern it will result in a new earth.

We are deeply sensitive, feeling creatures. Every cell in our body draws information from our environment and sends data into our processing unit. Every hair on our body is an antenna, linked to the protein receptors of our individual cells. We are subconsciously processing data non stop. There is a whole world going on inside of us that we are not consciously aware of. This is our nature.

When our hearts are open to feeling the full intensity of life, we feel each others pains and we feel each others triumphs. Emotions are designed to flow through us easily and teach us something. But because of the intense stories that are being played out in the world today, we have moved away from listening to these feelings and have instead become obsessed with our thoughts. We live in the mind.

Instead of allowing ourselves to feel these feelings and let them move through our bodies, we store these emotions in the cells of our body. Many emotions are considered inappropriate in our society, so we ignore them and store them. Our bodies are amazing and can hold on to so many emotions, but eventually they build up and we begin to feel anxious, frustrated or depressed. One way or another, our system lets us know that we are overloaded. Serious physical symptoms result.

Ignoring our feelings, we turn to our thoughts. These thoughts are shaped by the media and by all the fear based information that is spreading through this world like a virus. Living in the world of our thoughts has taken us to a place of low self esteem. We have become convinced that our worth is directly equated to money, success, good looks and material worth. We have closed our hearts in pursuit of these goals.

Deep inside we have developed a longing. We convince ourselves that this longing is for success and wealth. But really this longing is for connection with others, connection with our true selves. We are in denial of our true longing, we are in denial of our true self.

Because of this state of denial we push things away. We have a rejection mechanism that rejects whatever doesn’t match our minds ideas of success. We are using the measuring stick of our mind to make choices as opposed to the innate wisdom of our hearts.

This imbalance between what our heart desires and what our mind tells us we need, has led to the development of feelings such as worry and anxiety. They are an epidemic in our current world. They cause us to withdraw from life. They are born in the mind. Their symptoms are racing thoughts, sleepless nights and feelings of discomfort. They often result in people taking medications. These medications add to the cycle of disconnecting from our feelings.

Deep inside each and every one of us, we hold a need for love and attention. In its natural state this is a beautiful energy. In our current needy and anxious society, this energy is out of balance and what we end up attracting is more neediness rather than love. As we forget how to love ourselves, we begin to search for it outside. Like a child we seek and crave attention, positive or negative we don’t care. We all crave attention.

This results in diverted energy. Needing to look outside of ourselves for love and attention, we give away some of our power. Instead of connecting with people on an even level, we give away our energy and imbalance results. We begin to feel unworthy of other peoples love, we feel a lack of self worth.

Feelings of guilt and shame await us all on this pathway. We feel ashamed that we cannot remain in our power during interactions with others. We feel ashamed that we cannot love others unconditionally. Shame is an emotion that we cannot function in, so we shut down. We desire to escape reality and to feel invisible when shame appears.

The desire to escape reality manifests itself in many different behaviours. It can become a way of life. We eat, we drink, we smoke, we day dream, we fantasise, we eat some more. We escape wherever and whenever we can.

In an attempt to counterbalance behaviours that may be viewed by others as bad, we seek perfection. We exercise, we diet, we work harder. Our behaviour can become obsessive and repetitive. In the search to escape our faults we begin to crave perfection.

When we inevitably fall tired from these attempts at perfecting our life, we begin to judge ourselves. We can never attain perfection in the sense that the mind wants. The mind keeps moving the goal. The mind is simply offering the possibility of what is not there. When we fall for the trap of measuring according to the rules of the mind, we develop self hatred.

Society reinforces these messages that we are not good enough with a constant barrage of advertising and images that clearly show we don’t measure up. Self loathing and lack of self respect is another epidemic in our society that results in all sorts of imbalances and medications.

This lack of self respect results in people becoming emotionally disengaged. And on some level, we have all disengaged to some degree. It is simply unsafe to open your heart completely in this world. Very few people do it. It is a lifelong journey to open your heart. Re engaging with emotions is the key to healing this planet. It can only happen one person at a time.

Disengaging from our emotions is a sure way to repel life. When we are emotionally disengaged, we are stopping the experience of life. Instead of attracting beautiful and joyous experiences, we are repelling them. Because it is occurring on a subconscious level, we can become upset at life. We wonder “why isn’t life working out for me?”

When people ask this question they actually develop a need for revenge against life.
This need for revenge is of course played out against other people. We see examples of this on all different levels in society. People punish each other through gossip, teasing, arguments, passive aggression, road rage, fighting, stealing, rape, murder and all sorts of despicable behaviours.

The world is out of balance.

When we behave in ways that are not loving, we also find it hard to accept love. Giving and receiving are energies that operate on the same pathway. So when we find it hard to give love, we find it hard to receive love.

In moments where we want to love, but are finding it difficult, we feel emotionally isolated. We look at the world through frosted glass and cannot express what we truly want to say. This leads to another epidemic in this current earth pattern. Loneliness. This is an imbalance of epic proportions. Crazy in a world of seven billion people.

The lonelier we become, the more afraid of being hurt by others we become. We begin to protect ourselves against hurt with many defence mechanisms. We develop protective layers to insulate us against hurt. Ultimately we become numb. Numbness is the ultimate defence against love. It is a fear of love.

It allows us to survive in a limited way. Limited in relation to our true self, our ultimate potential. Numbness provides us with a false sense of security. It provides a bubble in which to live. We cannot feel true love, we cannot give true love, but we can survive. At least we think we can.

Eventually life catches up with us. Our true self is a spirit that animates this body, so it is always with us. The gap between our true self and this numb experience that the human self has created becomes exposed. A sense of inner hopelessness evolves.

The loss of emotion and confusion around emotion swirls around deep within our soul. We become desperate to maintain control. But we are attempting to control something completely beyond our control. This leads to us feeling scattered, not really knowing what to do.

We live life with a sense of prolonged uncertainty. Not really sure of what will happen or whether things will work out. A feeling of impending doom looms large at the far reaches of the human mind. We do not like this sense of doom. Whenever it arises, we close our mind. We block the flow of thoughts.

Unfortunately when we block thoughts by closing our mind, we also block new ideas. And if the mind is useful for one thing, it’s generating new ideas. When we block new ideas we trap ourselves into the world that has already been. Going over and over old thoughts is an obsession. It creates a sense of dread. Dread that there is nowhere new to go.

When new ideas or new opportunities arrive in life, we are unable to assimilate them properly when trapped in the earth pattern. A closed mind is unable to assimilate new information and nor can it make decisions. Indecisiveness is an energy that makes us feel trapped. We feel like we need space, so we push people away from us.

When we create space around us and push the ones we love away from us we create anxiety about the future. There is a sense of disappointment in our behaviour and in the behaviour of others. We develop bitterness towards life for not working out straight. Bitterness towards life leads to greed. We search for sweetness in ‘things.’

The search for sweetness plays out in many different ways. Shopping incessantly for items that we do not need. Eating foods that serve no purpose to the healthy functioning of our bodies. Constantly searching for that next item of clothing or furniture that will make us feel good. The search for sweetness is never ending.

In the search for things, greed is the next epidemic that is causing major imbalances in this life. It can be seen everywhere from the playground to the skyscraper. Like children snatching for toys, everyone is looking to acquire. Altering human behaviour and bringing out the worst in people across the globe, greed is a major source of dis-ease.

Ultimately greed leads to emptiness. We can never fill this cup. We are as far away from our true self as possible when we experience emptiness. We feel deprivation. Completely deprived of the energy that we truly crave. Love. In a final attempt to survive, we lie to ourselves. We soothe ourselves by saying that ‘everything is alright.’ We lie to each other as well, to keep the illusion going.

We keep working, we keep shopping, we keep planning the next holiday. We compare our toys, our homes and our holidays. We feel good when ours are better than other peoples. We feel bad when they don’t measure up. We look around and wonder when the next good thing will come along.

This is where we are at as a society. We are living a life that falls well short of our true potential. We have a lot of room to love more. As a society we are living in a way that is disconnected from our deepest desires. We have been steered into a lifestyle that is completely focussed on the attainment of possessions. This is not what our hearts crave.

Our desires are for peace and harmony. The human heart desires deep connection with the world that we live in. We are designed to experience the depth of this amazing universe. It is time to reclaim our true nature. It is time to reconnect to our feelings and to create our life in honour of them.

First we have to acknowledge where we are at right now. Awareness of the pattern that we are living in is the first step. Taking the time to look around and understand why the world is so out of balance. Having the courage to look at your own life and see where you can be more loving. Taking responsibility for your part in this picture of life, this is where we need to be.

Where we are going….. well that’s a matter of choice.

Where do you want to go?


(Damien Meldrum is an Author, speaker and Emotional Kinesiologist and Coach.  He is available for coaching via skype or live at his rooms in Kirra beach, Australia.)

The practice of consciously creating the feeling that you choose for your life and then following the pathway to that feeling, is a shortcut to a happy and fulfilled life. It gives you clear guidance as to what decisions resonate with your deepest desires.

Practicing this technique moves decision making from the mind to the heart. Generating feelings of positivity and becoming familiar with them creates a pathway to happiness. It is a much easier pathway to follow than the mind.

I remember when I was learning to drive a car. I would always become nervous when I approached a roundabout. With a round curved gutter on either side I would always be worried about touching one side or the other. One day I explained this fear to my instructor and he said something quite profound. He told me to look at where I was going, not to worry about where I wasn’t going.

Living a life in tune with your feelings allows you to do this in such a powerful way. When you consciously choose the feelings that you want for your life, you create a clear pathway of where you are going. Life will support you to achieve these feelings as long as you have the courage to make choices that match them.